Unregistered Master Builder

February 12, 2021

Artist Interview

"Electronic music is a game that we play with ourselves. Trying to make this thing that's way beyond the acoustic realities of traditional music. It's such a flexible space, but is completely punctured by technical and egotistical landmines."

Joe Lodge @mekema and Joseph Burgess performing during 24HRS at KEPK (photo credit Thomas Oliver)


Joseph Burgess is a Portland born artist residing in Brisbane. Unregistered Master Builder is a preferred catch all moniker. "The name is a farce of construction, what even is a registered master builder? I think it's pretty funny. It's also an homage to my family, most of whom were in construction."

Josh Wilkinson (right) and Joseph Burgess (left). Photo credit Timothée Lambrecq


His most recent album Harshmallow was released in August 2020. It stems from making music from non-musical motifs. "A lot of the tracks on the new album came from recording and reflecting sound through satellite and microwave dishes. It's very much a collage of separate ecosystems."

Other releases from Joseph include his No Rego No Problem album as well as many Soundcloud singles.


Joseph has developed large scale public projects and installations for Vivid, Curiocity and Woodford Folk Festival. His latest visual pieces explore the political landscape through carpet works.

Federal Agents, tufted carpet and projection mapping, 2020

Harps of the City 2019

Thylacoleo carnifex, Australian Mega Fauna Project, 2015


KEPK is a multi level creative space located in Yerongpilly co-run by Joseph alongside four of his peers including his partner Dr Mélina Celik. Notable events since recent opening include a 24 hour drone music festival and the gallery opening.

Photo credit Thomas Oliver

Wide Open at KEPK 2020

Still from a recent group exhibition at KEPK featuring works by Wellborn and April Giblin




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