David Versace

Artist Interview. July 21, 2021.

David Versace is a Meanjin based multi-instrumentalist committed to living and breathing music in all forms. He's performed in groups over the years including First Beige, and his solo work spans ambient, jazz, soul, dance and more.

He is also an accomplished visual artist, designing his own album covers as well as gig posters for other musicians around Meanjin.


My family has always been super musical. We actually have a family quartet and used to play a lot of weddings and private events so it's always been a part of my life!

I started taking it seriously in uni, so around 2015 maybe. I was studying anthropology, which I found really interesting, but it wasn't something I wanted to wake up to everyday. I found myself not paying attention in class and just looking up music tutorials on youtube so I thought screw it, I'll do music.

Relationship to music and art

Over the years I've made a conscious effort to be more honest with my music. Within the last 12 months I've really tried to embody the artist lifestyle rather than just letting it be something I do here and there.

I get up every morning and be productive in either music or visual art before work, which is in the evening. That's my bread and butter. No matter who hears it or sees it I just do it.

Composing for other musicians

With the instrumentation, I start with keys and go from there once there's a sketch of the chords throughout. If I'm writing for other musicians I'll give them the rundown but leave lots of room for them to experiment.

I love composing and getting heaps of other people in the room all together at the same time. I want to do that more. It feels real when everyone's there and you do it together. What you get from that day is what you get. I definitely want to compose more. I'd also love to to composition for film down the line.

Writing slower music

At some point, as we all do, I got into dance and boogying and it came out in the music for sure. Now I just find myself writing slower music. I've been doing the dance thing for 3 years now and just need some chill time some times.

I'm allowing myself to let out whatever comes out when I write. I don't want to force something to be a certain thing, I like to let myself be as free as possible creatively when I let the music come out.