January 23, 2021

Guest Mix

Talia Jimenez is a truly multi-faceted creative residing in beautiful Eora. She does so many amazing things that I have been compelled to use a bullet list!!

  • DJing & Mixing as Tangela
  • Running a live streaming music collective Douglas Street
  • Designing ethical clothing at KICKONS alongside Tom TJ Bottrill
  • Graduated FBi Dance Class of 2020
  • Produces her radio show CITRUS on FBi

How do you start your day, what's your routine!

I’m naturally an early riser but I’ve been having some very late nights hosting shows at FBi Radio. The first thing I always do though, no matter what time I’m up, is water my veggie garden with a coffee in hand.

This morning you caught me with a very cute addition to the routine. I got my bee suit on and went to go check out my girls. They’ve been very busy foraging in this hot weather so I opened up the hive to check how close I am to harvesting honey. Still another week or so away ;)

What's the most inspired you've been recently? What caused it

If I had to pick a moment it would be NYE. We had a bunch of setbacks in Sydney, restrictions tightened drastically... At the very last minute we managed to pool resources and host a 30 person park party, very safe and within the restrictions.

It felt euphoric to be dancing under the stars for the first time in a very very very long time and brought back that spark of inspiration for the future of our local scene.

Can you articulate the feelings at the core of your love for DJing & music curation?

Playing music is super emotional, songs and sounds hold powerful thoughts and memories and being able to curate a mood and share these experiences with people around you is a really special feeling.

DJing and curating music is a conversation with friends and in this time where so many friends are far away, making mixes is like writing postcards to your friends.

Describe this mix you've put together for us!

I went really housey this one, I’ve been playing a lot of late night, techy minimal on my show and wanted to do the complete opposite. A couple of old, feel good faves that i’ve had on my usb since I first started collecting music and a sprinkling of some killer Aussie releases from the past year. It’s light, bouncy and uplifting like a sparkling summer refreshment. enjoy!!

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