Rohe - Love Is Love

January 4, 2021

Guest Mix

Rohe is a Meanjin based creative with an ear for eclectic club tracks from Australia's past. These sounds are on display every other Wednesday at 1-3pm on the beautiful 4ZZZ radio program Synesthesia.

It is a pleasure to share this collection of songs :) Listen on Rohe's sc or below.



"A selection of favourite 'queer' tracks from Australia from the techno age (90s to mid-2000s). Some are from queer artists, others have queer themes, each a gay memory of a fuzzy dancefloor somewhere...
Image courtesy of the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives, artist sadly unknown" - Rohe

Track list

Gerling - Wasabi Horse
Clip from 1990 Sydney Mardi Gras Party
The Blue Hour - Music's Going To Take You There
B(if)tek - Unisex
Pokeaman - Lycra Or Not
Nam Shub Of Enki - Justin Case You Answer The Phoney
Sobriquet - Is This Your First Time? (Artificial Mix)
Looped For Pleasure - Give You Love
Bleepin' J. Squawkins - Minerva Moog (Part 1)
Team Plastique - Virgins Do It Best (Dub Mix)
The Messengers - Fiancé Or Finance
The Lab - I Will Find You
5 Star Pizzeria - Buttfuck
Sassi & Loco - Lost Loco
Jandy Rainbow & Adrenalentil - I Will Go
General Electrik & Andy Rantzen - Leather Lover
Boo Boo & Mace - Flowers In The Sky
Jandy Rainbow - G It Never Ends
Sobriquet - Friday Mornings
Fo_Tran - Decline
Telafonica - Sounding It Out
Atone - Lost And Found

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