QUIVR: Brisbane's Live Streaming DJ Laneway

September 5, 2020

Community Spotlight

Hollee Hibberson and partner Dara Donnelly have poured their soul into something very special for the Brisbane electronic music scene this year.

Beginning as a queer party, QUIVR is now a 3x3 wooden box at the end of Winn Lane that provides a rent-able space for DJs and music lovers alike to play whatever music they want for as long as they want and have their sets streamed all over the net globally while using the most kickass gear available.

Each DJ has high quality photographs taken by their in-house photographer to appear on social media, and their audio mix is uploaded to both Mixcloud and Soundcloud. Since launching on the 31st of January,2020, QUIVR has live streamed 100+ sets. The booth was able to operate throughout COVID due to its small size, providing an absolutely invaluable lifeline for the scene over the course of this year.

"QUIVR is dedicated to providing a space free from judgement, fear, racism, sexism and all forms of discrimination. We promote the visibility of all genders, sexualities, disabilities, race, culture and age."


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