Deep Listening Radio EP1

March 10, 2022


Thanks so much to QUIVR for having us the other week! Listen back for an hour of ambience on our newly born series Deep Listening Radio. Link in bio. Stay tuned for another AOL x QUIVR announcement soon for Record Store Day 2022 👀


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Uuxe & Fifi Bizarre - Fen (Meanjin)

Ana Roxanne - Immortality

Alio Die & Jack Or Jive - Meijyu (Reprise)

Matthew Hayes & Joel Trigg - CBD To York (Naarm)

David Versace - Awake For You (Meanjin)

Musem Of No Art - Three Years Later (The Formation of a New Animal)

Nick Malkin - An Hour Pulled Lengthwise

Apadalia - Making Out With You (Meanjin)

Etelin - Hour Here Hour There

Grace Ferguson - poikilos (Naarm)

Flora Wong - 洗米 (Washing Rice) (Meanjin)

Vladislav Delay - Whistleblower

Midori Hirano - Close to Life

Ulla Straus - seed 1

Uuxe - River Dialogue



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