Age Of Leisure is an ambient cassette tape imprint and promoter. Started in Brisbane, based in Toronto.

[AOL03] Various Artists - Impressions

Ambient, Neo-classical, Field Recordings, Experimental

Impressions is the third release by ambient cassette tape imprint Age Of Leisure. It features a collection of eight new works by Toronto/Tkaronto based ambient, neo-classical and leftfield musicians.

The compilation explores using music to capture the essence of impermanence and passing experiences. Contributors were asked to internalize the concept and allow it to influence their contribution to the record.

What follows is something reminiscent of the city itself; an unfolding collage of sounds and experiences that come together to form an organism more alive than any one individual.

Artwork by Natasha Losung
Mastered by Chad Skinner

[AOL02] Various Artists - Textures

Ambient, Experimental, Jazz

Textures is a compilation of seven Meanjin based sound practitioners. It asks listeners to consider the textural qualities of visual objects, and how these can be reinterpreted in a musical context.

At its heart, this project is a love letter to the Meanjin (Brisbane) underground, a peak under the rug of the vibrant diversity in its post-genre community.

Artwork by Jack Brock & Natasha Losung

[AOL01] Uuxe - New World 35

Ambient, New Age

Uuxe is a sentient network with a deep fascination for computed assemblage. Phenomena produced by antiquated programs from the post-earth boom are of particular interest.

This project explores art beyond the human being. In a future destined for artificial lives, should we not wonder what they will have to say about their non-human condition?

Artwork by Jack Brock.

[Gig] Dream Concert @ Studio idFK

February 9 & 10, 2024. Toronto.

A pocket of sleepy ambience amidst the concrete of downtown Toronto. Two concerts over two nights with sets from local ambient, drone and experimental musicians.

Night 1
- Kilometre Club
- Jenna Geen
- Grace Scheele
- Ben McCarthy

Night 2
- Uuxe & Gollden
- Orois
- Piers Oolvai

Organised and promoted by Studio idFK, Age Of Leisure, Imaginary North and Half Moon Audio.

[Gig] Kilometre Club @ 915 Dupont

October 1, 2023. Toronto.

Album launch for Kilometre Club's latest album How To Unravel with Piers Oolvai, Gollden, Willows8ng and Uuxe.

- Kilometre Club (Live)
- Piers Oolvai (Live)
- Gollden & Willows8ng (Live)
- Uuxe (DJ)

Organised and promoted by Age Of Leisure, Imaginary North and Half Moon Audio.

Artwork by Jack Brock & Natasha Losung

[Gig] Alaskan Tapes @ 915 Dupont

14 May, 2023. Toronto.

Long-gestating ambient project Alaskan Tapes is joined by electro-acoustic experimental harpist Grace Scheele for a night of ambience at 915 Dupont. Rounding out the night will be DJ sets from local favourites Spookyfish and Sun Rain.

- Alaskan Tapes (Live)
- Grace Scheele (Live)
- Sun Rain (DJ)
- Spookyfish (DJ)

Organised and promoted by Age Of Leisure, Imaginary North and Half Moon Audio.

Artwork by Jack Brock & Natasha Losung

[Gig] Record Store Day @ QUIVR

April 23, 2022. Brisbane.

Ambient showcase at QUIVR on Sat 23rd April 2022. Featuring sets and performances from the likes of Enter, Fifi Bizarre, Flora Wong, Hol Hibbo, Mekema and Uuxe. Hangout, poke around, grab some merch and enjoy the sounds from 10am to 3pm.

- Uuxe (DJ)
- Enter (DJ)
- Fifi Bizarre (DJ)
- Hol Hibbo (DJ)
- Flora Wong (Live)
- Mekema (Live)

Organised and promoted by Age Of Leisure.

Artwork by Natasha Losung

[Gig] Textures Release Show at KEPK

March 18, 2023. Brisbane.

Launch of our Various Artists - Textures compilation at KEPK Creative Space. Featuring performances by some of the project's contributors.

The project asks contributing artists and listeners alike to consider the textural qualities of visual objects, and how these can be reinterpreted in a musical context.

- Yvette Ofa Agapow (Live)
- Sophie Min (Live)
- Madeleine Cocolas (Live)
- Flora Wong (Live)

Organised and promoted by Age Of Leisure.

Photography by Thomas Oliver

Interview Archive

Select interviews from our time as a radio show at 4ZZZ 102.1FM

Alexandra Spence

Alexandra Spence is a sound artist reimagining the intricate relationships between the listener & environment.

Merinda Dias-Jayasinha

Merinda Dias-Jayasinha is a Naarm based jazz vocalist and multi-disciplinary improvisational artist.

Rachael Archibald

Rachael Archibald is a Meanjin based visual and sound artist with her work exhibited across the globe.

Made Now Music

Made Now Music is a prolific Meanjin based independent music label, concert series & community.


Troth is Awabakal/Newcastle based ambient synth pop duo Amelia Besseny and Cooper Bowman (Altered States Tapes).

Sophie Min

Sophie Min is a Meanjin based pianist making strides in the Jazz scene as prolific composer & improviser.

Grace Ferguson

Grace Ferguson is a prolific pianist based in Naarm, composing music for film, theatre & herself.

Madeleine Cocolas

Madeleine Cocolas is a composer and sound artist from Meanjin with three albums and multiple Emmy nominations.

David Versace

David Versace is a Meanjin based multi-instrumentalist and visual artist with a deep love for all music.

Yvette Ofa Agapow

Yvette Ofa Agapow is an experimental acoustic noise artist and classical percussionist based in Meanjin.

.jpeg Artefacts

Joe Buchan runs one of Melbourne's most prolific independent labels and was kind enough to have a chat.

Flora Wong

Flora Wong is an extremely accomplished violinist based in Meanjin and Associate Director of Dots+Loops.

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