WIP Project

February 24, 2021

Community Spotlight

WIP PROJECT is an expansive online database of non-male dance music industry professionals. It's designed to improve diversity by promoting female and gender non-conforming practitioners.

It's free, and takes 2 minutes to submit your own profile to showcase what you're up to in the biz.

Photography by SEBASTIAN DAMM for Fashion Journal

The project was founded by two of Melbourne's finest.

Sarah Morgan, aka DJ Sarah, founder of WIP Project and one half of the fabulous IN2STELLAR alongside Georgia Bird. The duo are also responsible for Melbourne's Neurotiq Erotiq parties.

Florence Brown AKA FLOSS DOGG the second half of WIP, founder of FLSY creative studios, builder of websites, brander of brands, also involved with Primer, Astro Girls & Arvo Girls.

Before WIP was WIP, it took the form of a google spreadsheet that Sarah managed herself. It was created out of frustration with the lack of talented female DJs being represented on lineups.

Floss reached out to Sarah to take the project to the next level. With her background in web design and branding and the duo's unwavering drive, the WIP Project website was born in no time.

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