December 12, 2021

Guest Mix

Who is Vibemastersupreme?

"I'm just here to make some friends and play some good tunes! I think my style honestly varies depending on my mood. I'm a big sucker for techno, breaks and deconstructed/experimental electronic goodies.

My heart also lies with deep house, house and percussion heavy tracks and a touch of ambient."

Love for music

"I think I've always been in love with music, but I've never been quite musically inclined.

I learned trumpet for a time and that was truly horrific but being introduced into the dance music scene has definitely deepened my understanding and love for music and the power it holds."

Meanjin scene

"I've been involved around the arts/photography scene in Meanjin for a bit, however I'd say DJing has pushed me deeper into the heart of it all.

For me a scene is just as much about the people as it is the art and/or music, if that makes sense. It's helped me push my social anxieties aside, go out to events and dance with some new found homies.

I have never felt more welcomed into such an ever growing scene. The homies that I've met and made this year are so kind & genuine, my little heart gets all squishy when I think about it. Entering and also soon after learning to DJ, I've found everyone has been so supportive and willing to help when asked. I'm truly honoured to call Meanjin home because of what has been and is continuously being cultivated."


"I love the fact that I'm constantly finding so much cool stuff from around the world. There's just so much music, I can't believe it. It's an infinite supply almost. So much that has already been made, is getting made and will be made.

I've been falling in love with some artists coming out of Vietnam, Hong Kong and South Korea like Anh Phi & Joi Lau. I froth at the mouth when artists incorporate traditional music samples into their tracks, bringing the old into the new. Let alone the stuff coming out of Meanjin like Lithe, Scalymoth, Personal Growth the list actually goes on?! I almost can't handle it, I might explode!"

DJ Inspo

"Damn, is 'everyone' a legit answer? The Motocrush Club babes, CRUSH3d, Scalymoth, Enter, Lithe, Dameeeela, Jen_e, 1tbsp, Squidgenini, Personal Growth, Slow Rotation to name a few locals but the list is ever growing.

Internationally, boy thats tough but people like Four Tet, Overmono, Les Sins, Kettema, Brutalism 3000 ahh I wish I could name them all."

This mix

"This mix I wanted to take it a bit slower, a bit more percussion focused, 'easy listening with a bit of spice for when you're running errands all day' type beat. I tried my very best to not crack about 125bpm and alas I did it!

I'm super stoked with how this puppy turned out and I hope you enjoy and find some tracks that make your day a little brighter!"




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