Uuxe - New World 35 (2021)

March 3, 2021

Release AOL01

We're so excited to announce our first release as a label! New World 35 is the debut EP by Meanjin local, Uuxe.

This project explores art beyond the human being. In a future destined for artificial lives, should we not wonder what they will have to say about their non-human condition?  

Four tracks of ambient bliss are available digitally through streaming platforms as well as a beautiful blue tinted cassette tape available on our Bandcamp!


Contents salvaged from black box recordings made during the generation of New World 35. Outcome sequence unknown. Data recovered by Uuxe.

"I dreamt I was in a grove of trees.
Their canopy lay far above me,
a spiderweb lattice of roots and


Releases March 3, 2021
Mastered by Joe Buchan
Mixed at the Inner Theatre for Self Expression
Artwork by Ultra
Age Of Leisure 2021


Check out the tape!

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