Synesthesia Radio Takeover

September 4, 2021

Age Of Leisure Mix

100% so-called Australian music. Gentle and sparse, sourced with care from Meanjin, Naarm and Eora. Natasha from Synesthesia hosts label head Jack (Uuxe) for two hours of community radio.

"Opening with percussive pitter patter and atonal whispers, we walk the shores of improvisational jazz and orchestral ballads. Modular poems and vocal oceans swell. Ambience overflows at the steps of post classic hymns.”

"This is some of my favourite Australian music. There is so much out there, I wish I could fit more into this two hour bracket. Support these artists, support all artists."

Thanks again to Natasha, Bec & Rohan from Synesthesia for all the love throughout the years. You are dear friends of Age Of Leisure now and always.

Photography by lil Princess


YVETTE OFA AGAPOW Live in Woolloongabba (Meanjin)

YVETTE OFA AGAPOW Live in East Brisbane (Meanjin)

SOPHIE MIN Yes it is assurance (Meanjin)

SOPHIE MIN Bellwether (Meanjin)

DAVID VERSACE Heat Rays (Meanjin)

DAVID VERSACE Light Beams (Meanjin)

ANONYMEYE Federation (Meanjin)

ANDREW TUTTLE Sun At 5 In 4161 (Meanjin)

LITE FAILS Malborough Stretch (Meanjin/Naarm)

PRIMITIVE MOTION Small Orbit (Meanjin)

MEKEMA Mannequin Soul (Meanjin)

MADELEINE COCOLAS Rothko, No. 16 (Meanjin)

MADELEINE COCOLAS Across The Ocean, But Not Yet (Meanjin)

VOLTFRUIT Oscillo Scape Live 2020 (Meanjin)


OTHER JOE I Was That Book (Naarm)

OTHER JOE Like Freaking Out (Naarm)

OTHER JOE On 4.0 Hill (Naarm)

IMOGEN CYGLER Trivialise Me (Naarm)

IMOGEN CYGLER Edamusk (Naarm)

BABYXXAN Trans Siberian Express (Naarm)

THOMAS GRAY & LIAM EBBS Heatherbrae (Eora)


DAVID VERSACE Liminence (Meanjin)

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Uuxe - New World 35

Listen on Bandcamp

Age Of Leisure is proud to release the debut EP by Meanjin local, Uuxe. This project explores art beyond the human being. In a future destined for artificial lives, should we not wonder what they will have to say about their non-human condition?