Sig Nu Gris

August 29, 2020

Artist Interview

Sig Nu Gris is a producer and sound artist residing in Melbourne. During the chat we covered a heap of stuff and as usual was just a big ol' yarn.

Things we chatted about

-Living in a larger city coming from the sprawls of Canberra
-Starting out under the pretense of musical solitude then having to find how that transitions to performing live
-Making music in the box VS physical instruments
-Pressures to build a social brand as a musician
-Encouragement of Tim Shiel, head of Spirit Level family
-Romantic affiliation with the texture of sound
-Inspiration within Australia as well as abroad
-The future of Sig Nu Gris - debut album in the works!


Purple Sneakers
Gorilla VS Bear

Colors X Studios


Triple J Unearthed

Tracklist beneath us talking

Braille Face - Leave Your Heart (Bullion Remix)
Happy Axe - Running Away
Sig Nu Gris - The End Of Sig Nu Gris
Sig Nu Gris - To Un-know
Sig Nu Gris - Mononoke
Wauwatosa - En Folkefiende
Sig Nu Gris - Butter Soft
Tennis Pagan - Pli

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Uuxe - New World 35

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Age Of Leisure is proud to release the debut EP by Meanjin local, Uuxe. This project explores art beyond the human being. In a future destined for artificial lives, should we not wonder what they will have to say about their non-human condition?