Quincy Raw

October 4, 2021

Guest Mix

Quincy Raw is a local producer, talented vinyl DJ and co-founder of the much loved Meanjin label Pocketmoth.

His most recent project Big Fermion (2021) was the label’s eleventh official release, dropping in June this year. Check it out right now on Quincy Raw’s bandcamp.

Who is Quincy Raw?

"My true-to-self music outlet."

Why do you DJ?

"So many reasons! A love for music, for reflecting moods of myself and others, for exploring unique combinations of sound and energy."

A song you have been rinsing recently?

"I wouldn't say I’m a big rinser of single songs, but I recently came across Madteo, and have been loving the discography, especially Dropped Out Sunshine."

What do you do outside music?

"I study physics, ride bicycles, consume memes and try to care for self and others as much as possible."

Describe this mix!

"A goofy and fun selection of new and old house, some on vinyl, some encoded in binary data. Sound waves for juicy brains."


Big Fermion (2021)





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