April 4, 2022

Guest Mix


"I remember that I would dance in front of the TV for hours while RAGE was on when I was really little. My love of music was tied very strongly to dancing in the early part of my life.

Mine and my best friend's favourite thing to do was choreographing dances or turning the living room into a 'nightclub' by shutting all the curtains and putting a multicoloured light in the middle of the room.

When I got a little older I started playing the cello and went down the classical/theoretical path of music, which became quite serious and stress-inducing as I got more into it. Discovering DJing felt like coming home again to the pure love I had for music."

Female DJs

"I've always looked up to other women in the scene. Especially when I started we were kind of few and far between in Meanjin but now there are so many powerful queens and I love to see it! Hannah D, Squidgenini, my partner in crime Liminal Grace, Hollee Hibbo, Scalymoth, the list goes on!"


"Over the last 5 or so years I have seen the Meanjin scene blossom and become so much more expansive, diverse and inclusive.

It's so good to see such a range of different parties and events now. I feel like it's become less about the DJ and more about bringing people together and creating a space for self-expression and connection."

This mix for Age Of Leisure

"I really wanted to not put any restraints on myself with this mix so I just played a lot of tracks that I've fallen in love with recently. I hope you enjoy <3"




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