April 17, 2021

Guest Mix

"These are tracks that I am listening to at the moment or that have influenced my music practice over the last few years. They represent the range of my experimental electronic and ambient influences. The tracks were selected to work in this mix so some I listen to less but I thought they worked well."

Listen here!

How did you fall in love with slower music

I feel slower tempos in my bones. I think it allows space for subtleties, particularly in timbre and detail in the highs. I think it is also harder to maintain interest at a slower tempo. I enjoy this challenge when I make music.

Why do you create

It and it makes me happy. There have been periods where I have stopped being creative and on reflection those times were less fulfilling. It is a great way to meet and share with people who have similar interests.

Being creative for me is reinforcement, obsession, therapy, distraction, self fulfilment, immersion, pursuit of perfection, artistic growth, personal growth, accessing the flow state - these are reasons why it brings happiness.

What's coming up for Mekema

Live at Drone Fest at KEPK on 22 May. I'll be playing an improvised set with a different setup so some new sounds are in the air. I have been working on my live setup all year so hopefully there will be lots more live shows coming.

I've finished my third ep/mini album which I think will be the first part of 3 releases. I am currently considering finding a home for it or putting it out myself. I have started recording the second instalment of the trilogy and am excited by the new sounds.

I'm hoping to work on a collaborative release with Unregistered Master Builder of material that we have already recorded. Once we set aside some time I think it will happen quite easily.

Also Lindsay Crawford and I are planning to record some of our ongoing live collaboration's output and get a release out too.



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