Luke Brazier

August 22, 2021

Guest Mix

Who is Luke Brazier?

"I’m a Māori/Australian music lover. My pronouns are he/him. I work with plants by day, teach the beginner DJ course at QUIVR on weeknights, and DJ around town on weekends."

Love affair with music

"I love to dance, that’s where it all comes from for me. I’ve had so many life-changing experiences on the dance floor. I have endless love and respect for selectors who’ve facilitated those moments for me. I’m just following in their footsteps really."

Meanjin scene

"It’s a beautiful community. I feel like we all appreciate each other so much. It’s not perfect by any means, but I have this sense that we’re adaptable and fluid - willing to learn, grow, change. I think the majority of us want to be part of a scene that means something - we wanna be part of something that we can be proud of."

Vibe of this mix

"Jazzy, psychedelic, soulful, bumpin’. All vinyl, sourced from local record stores around Meanjin. It’s just a collection of sounds and moods that I’ve been feeling lately. It gets pretty energetic but it should be good for home listening too. I’ve done my best to keep it groovy in case you wanna have a dance in your lounge room."

On the horizon

"Hard to say for sure! Had a bit coming up but I’m expecting a lot of cancellations and rescheduling with these latest COVID restrictions. But keep an eye out for nights at Savile Row, Super Whatnot, Kings & Queens. I’m trying to branch out a bit and organise more B2B’s with other DJs. Really focusing on vinyl more than anything as well. I feel like I select so differently when I’m playing on turntables. Heaps to explore there."





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