Jae Birch

December 13, 2020

Artist Interview

If you're not familiar with Jae's music, I wouldn't blame you. After 10 years of digging, DJing and a stint hosting a 4ZZZ show with his cousin, he's chosen to mostly remain on the sideline and hone his craft in secrecy. That is, until this year!

Jae grew up on the southside of Brisbane, with fond memories of being driven around by his mum rinsing the only CDs she had in the car: Deep Forest, Enigma and Gipsy Kings.

These sounds still shine through his lens on the dance music he is now beginning to share with the world. "I've taught myself piano over the years. Digging for unique sounds, recreating and reinterpreting them. Finding my own sound."

His debut track Europa on TSBU's Hybrida compilation is a beautiful concoction of many years spent forming an intimate connection with music without the eyes of the world.

It was inspired by his involvement in the second wave of breakdancing in the early noughties.

"I just wanted to make something that reminded me of those times. I love to dance."

The overwhelmingly positive reaction for Europa has given Jae a new found confidence to pursue his music. "In the next 6-12 months, I'd love to work on an EP or an Album."

Listen to our chat with Jae here :)

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