Huge Jackman

September 9, 2020

Guest Mix

Who Is Huge Jackman?

"My name is Jack Brodie, and I’m a deejay (and in more recent times, producer...? [loose term]) from Brisbane, Australia. I’m involved with a couple of music brands here in Brisbane, namely Death Before Silence and Forever Forward, and also work alongside Melbourne-based agency and record label, Bizarro"

How would you describe the journey through the mix?

"This mix is pretty indicative of how I like to play at a show, so there’s no re-record, and vicariously some slips and skips. I try to keep things eclectic when playing, so this starts with a bit of tribal house and I attempted to keep some of those tribal elements as I move into electro and trance."

What were you trying to achieve with it?

"I guess the impetus for this mix was a show I was really looking forward to playing in May, warming up for Ex-Terrestrial and StacEmp alongside Respect Guy. So, you’ll find a couple records I was saving for that gig."

Why did you choose the tracks you did?

"I’ve been buying a lot of records these past few months online, or from my new local Dutch Vinyl (big love to Tam). So, this was a much-appreciated excuse to put together some stuff I’ve bought recently and have been itching to play."



Death Before Silence

Forever Forward Music And Arts

Bizarro Life Records

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