Gratitude Cowgirl

February 3, 2022

Guest Mix

Who is Gratitude Cowgirl?

"Gratitude Cowgirl (GCG) is all about sharing the music I love and fostering inclusive & expansive dance experiences; sharing powerful art in powerful places. Get people dancing with their eyes shut. Or to inspire deeper presence."

Music beginnings

"I remember rinsing Avril Lavigne's "Let Go" album on my walkman while I played Zoo Tycoon & built imaginary worlds for my teddies.. maybe I was 6?

I also used to make mix tapes on CDs for my parents to play in the car, I called them ‘Yasmo Fm’. I really hope they never resurface… I’m sure I put crazy frog on one of them."

DJing, digging & Meanjin scene

"I started to DJ around the traps in November 2020; still fresh! I like all my shows for different reasons, each one teaches me something new!

I’m fascinated by re-contextualising the stories & moments encapsulated in my favourite songs... entwining them into new stories & memories. It’s a very dynamic and alive way to share art.

Being a part of the Meanjin scene has been humbling & empowering to be surrounded by so many supportive & inspiring cool cats! We are lucky!

I look up to anyone who isn’t afraid to express themselves, those who play from their chest, and do so with the intention of sharing rather than gatekeeping the art they love."

How would you describe this mix?

"Honestly these are just some songs I’ve been rinsing recently. Some gentle dance floor power. Hope you love it."


GIG: CYBER pres. Pretty Girl (LIVE) + SWIM & Friends (12 Feb 2022)

Echo & Bounce - ReUp Mix 12_03_21

Gratitude Cowgirl | QUIVR | 06-03-21



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