Girls In Hats

September 24, 2020

Guest Mix

Naomi McKenzie is newly emerging Brisbane DJ, Girls in Hats. A frequent contributor in the QUIVR space, Naomi is passionate about the electronic music scene in Brisbane, and aims to help see a more diverse and open community.

Her recent QUIVR residency saw powerful tunes from an all-female identifying line-up, and her beginner’s digital DJing workshops, run at QUIVR, aim to create an inclusive space for anyone and everyone with a passion for electronic music. Since her first appearance at Fulcrum in 2019, she has supported acts such as Adi Toohey, DJ Sports and Central, Samo DJ, Reptant and Shedbug.

What fuels your passion for appreciating music?

Music has always been therapeutic for me. I’ve got a lot of energy swirling around inside, and music definitely helps me channel that. That’s probably why I always gravitate towards more driving tunes. Nirvana for me is being locked in on a dance floor to a powerful sound.

When you fall in love with a track, what ignites the spark?

Honestly, any sound with deep and dark undertones. Throw me into a room with a heavy sub bass, fast beats, lots of lasers, and you’ve got me.

What aspect of DJing do you love most?

Definitely the beautiful community that surrounds DJing. It’s truly amazing seeing people from so many backgrounds unite over their love for the music.

Any advice for bedroom DJs wanting to get out there?

I know it’s hard with COVID at the moment - but places like QUIVR have made sharing music as accessible as ever. Also, be authentic and play the music that YOU love, everything else will follow.




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