April 15, 2022

Guest Mix

How did you get into music?

"Music has always been a huge part of my life. Growing up my dad introduced me to old 90s dance and disco and we always had a few Ministry Of Sound CD's floating around as well. The annual mix 2012 from Ministry Of Sound is such an iconic mix which heavily influenced my love for dance music, since then I always knew I wanted to make music a career."

What is it about DJing that you fell in love with?

"I love to see people happy and dancing, nothing is better than playing a certain song and everyone just really grooving to it. Being able to look out into a crowd to see everyone bopping, smiling and enjoying themselves is what makes DJing is rewarding."

What sort of vibe do you strive to bring to the dance floor?

"This is a tricky one! I don’t think there is one certain vibe I particularly strive for. One day it could be light and airy, next it could be dirty and sweaty. As long as people are dancing and I can sneak an air horn into the mix I’m happy haha!"

What has your experience been like in the Meanjin scene?

"I’ve been so fortunate to be welcomed into the community with open arms. QUIVR has really helped path my way into the community, they were the first to really support me. I've also met Greer through the scene, they are the other half of theyphex twins. Seeing both Greer and our DJ duo grow is one of the most rewarding parts of being apart of the scene. I’ve met so many lifelong friends in the scene as well and it’s helped shape the person I am today."

How would you describe this mix?

"Light, smooth and easy on the ears. I wanted to make something you could play while enjoying a nice Sunday sesh picnic. The sun is setting and you can feel the warmth from the sun just kiss your cheeks, the music is playing lightly in the background which makes you feel so at peace."




Theyphex Twins

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