August 23, 2020

Guest Mix

Gabby Jarell is a 22yo Melbourne based artist who relocated from Adelaide 5 years ago to study. For all things musical she goes by Afrodisiac and has been DJing for almost 2 years however recently during lockdown, like many, Gabby has started producing. Outside of music her passions cover photography, design, video and fundraisers.

"Every mix I’ve done to date has been preplanned. I tackle the construction in the same way I would producing any song or story and I have previewed some of my first tracks within this mix. There’s an intro of such, a crescendo and in the finale everything comes together for a harmonious ending.

I think I approach DJing in the same manner I would anything creative such as photography or design. It’s highly analytical and less about playing one song and getting inspired from there and more about producing something cohesive and complete.

I consider every mix a reflection of my background, my musical taste and I'm always trying to let my personality shine through resulting in a lot of high energy, possibly flirty and sometimes comical selections. More than anything when I piece together a mix I want the listener to be able to hear my Blackness and that my intention is to make them dance.

My mix for Age of Leisure is a reflection of all these concepts and I’m really grateful for the creative opportunity to express myself and connect with listeners from my home to theirs."



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