October 3, 2020

Artist Interview

Fueled by intuition, Adriana connects deeply with music that has a history. This lends her tastes to tracks from around the globe that speak from the heart of culture.

Her sound as a DJ and Radio host blossomed after deep diving into the music of Greece, incorporating her rich heritage into her work. She leverages self love to allow herself to be inspired, fueling a passion to explore and share amazing music.

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Her show Opalakia traverses a wide array of genres and moods with a global tinge. It airs Tuesdays 7-8pm via Melbourne's community radio station PBS 106.7FM.

"Music connects people on a deep level. Using my voice as a way to empower artists  is the beauty of community radio."




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Tracks beneath the interview

Azymuth - Partido Alto
Fabrizio Fattori - Running On The Nile
Ed Longo & Applied Arts Ensemble - New Life

Camarão Orkestra - Nação África (Patchworks Late Night Dub)

Interface Palm - Outdoor Ferniture

Silentjay - Eternal / Internal Peace

Phil Stroud - Banksia

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