Age Of Leisure


In the not so distant future, human beings will conduct themselves solely as biological vessels for the communication and manifestation of art.


To provide a digital platform that gives voice to artists, communities and businesses supporting and participating in leftfield music across the globe.


Age of Leisure is a website that functions as an online music journal.


The natural evolution of a community radio program. Jack hosted Botticelli Rewind on 4ZZZ 102.1FM from June 2019 until December 2020. Age Of Leisure was created to achieve a broader scope of community engagement that extends beyond radio.


Content is produced internally as well as externally in collaboration with members of the community.


Heartfelt chats with musicians, artists and community leaders that aim to dig a little bit deeper and highlight the amazing work of people in the industry.

(Guest Mixes)
A playlist of songs arranged and performed into a single audio file to provide a long form listening experience for the modern music lover.

Uuxe - New World 35 (2021)
V.A. - Textures (2022)